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Board of Governors' Policies

​Policies Approved by the Board of Governors

At the bottom of this page, you will find policies for which Mount Saint Vincent University's Board of Governors is responsible for approving.  Originating Bodies/Committees (and their associated abbreviations) responsible for maintaining the individual policies are listed below: 
Committee Responsible for the Policy​​ ​
​​Advancement and External Relations Committee
Campus Planning Committee
​​​ Campus Planning
Finance Committee
Human Resources & Governance Committee
​Investment Committee
If you wish to speak directly to the University Governance Secretary regarding Board approved policies, please contact Kim Campbell by telephone at (902) 457-6436 or by email at  To learn more about the Board, please visit:
Note:  The Board policies below are listed alphabetically; however, if you would like to filter by name, originating body/committee/group responsible, or approval date, simply hover your mouse over the heading at the top of the column you wish to filter.  A drop box will appear; click on the down arrow and choose the criteria you wish to filter. 


Appointment of Senior Academic Administrators.pdfAppointment of Senior Academic AdministratorsHRGC2/28/2019
Appointment of Vice-President (Administration).pdfAppointment of Vice-President (Administration)HRGC2/28/2019
Board Mentoring Program.pdfBoard Mentoring ProgramHRGC9/27/2018
Capital Building and Renovation Projects (Policies and Procedures for).pdfCapital Building and Renovation Projects (Policies and Procedures for)Campus Planning4/29/2021
Code of Conduct.pdfCode of ConductHRGC4/18/2018
Conflict of interest policy (Board of Governors).pdfConflict of interest policy (Board of Governors)HRGC4/18/2018
Conflict of interest policy (MPA IUOE NSGEU SA).pdfConflict of interest policy (MPA IUOE NSGEU SA)HRGC4/18/2018
Employee Tuition Fee Reduction Policy.pdfEmployee Tuition Fee Reduction PolicyHRGC4/18/2018
Employment Equity Policy.pdfEmployment Equity PolicyHRGC3/1/2018
Endowment Management Policy.pdfEndowment Management PolicyFinance2/28/2019
Environmental Policy Statement.pdfEnvironmental Policy StatementCampus Planning4/18/2018
Facilities Renewal Reserve Policy.pdfFacilities Renewal Reserve PolicyFinance4/29/2021
Financing Policy.pdfFinancing PolicyFinance4/29/2021
Gift acceptance policy.pdfGift acceptance policyAERC9/27/2018
Harassment and Discrimination Policy.pdfHarassment and Discrimination PolicyHRGC4/18/2018
Investment Policy.pdfInvestment PolicyInvestment11/29/2018
Naming University Facilities (Policy on).pdfNaming University Facilities (Policy on)AERC9/27/2018
Occupational Health and Safety Policy.pdfOccupational Health and Safety PolicyHRGC2/25/2021
Permanent Collection - Policy and Procedure.pdfPermanent Collection - Policy and ProcedureCampus Planning4/18/2018
President Emerita Policy.pdfPresident Emerita PolicyHRGC4/18/2018
Records Retention Policy - Board of Governors.pdfRecords Retention Policy - Board of GovernorsHRGC4/18/2018
Retirement Policy and Procedures.pdfRetirement Policy and ProceduresHRGC4/18/2018
Safe Disclosure of Employee Wrongdoing Policy and Procedure.pdfSafe Disclosure of Employee Wrongdoing Policy and ProcedureAudit4/21/2016
Sexual Assault (Policy Against).pdfSexual Assault (Policy Against)HRGC2/28/2019
Short Term Cash Investment Policy.pdfShort Term Cash Investment PolicyFinance2/28/2019
Stewardship Policy.pdfStewardship PolicyAERC9/27/2018
Strategy Implementation Reserve Policy.pdfStrategy Implementation Reserve PolicyFinance4/29/2021
Workplace Violence Prevention Statement.pdfWorkplace Violence Prevention StatementHRGC4/18/2018
​Last Updated: 1/24/2018