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Class Cancellation Updates

In the case of a University Closure, the information on this page may be incomplete. You are advised to check the main University website for closure information. For details on the Mount's cancellation procedures, please visit our Weather Centre.

Note to Faculty:  Click the "Sign In" link at the upper right corner to log in. Once you are logged in add your class cancellation to the list by clicking the green plus sign below the list of cancellations.  If you are unable to add a class cancellation, or if you do not see the green plus sign, please contact obtain access.
collapse Date : 12/4/2023 ‎(1)
12/4/2023 9:00 AMEDUC 5207 (03)Lana SmithSeton 453postponed to Wednesday
collapse Date : 12/5/2023 ‎(1)
12/5/2023 12:00 PMCHYS 3323 01Taylor Hansen EV 304Cancelled